Effective Ways to Save Water

Pakistan is unfortunately not the land with a sufficient amount of water. Pakistan has been hit with various predictions about water crisis erupting anytime soon. The National Water Authority of Pakistan has predicted that if no action is taken, the country could run out of water before 2050. This crisis is so alarming because Pakistan has the world’s fourth highest rate of water usage. There is a solution to most problems in this world and Pakistan’s water crisis solution is Dam Equivalents.

Water security is an undeniably vital issue which challenges the upcoming governments of Pakistan. The Pakistani population is expected to grow massively by 2050, with this prediction Pakistan needs to find a sufficient way to secure the water resources for the future.

The most convenient way is by sorting the canal lining issue without disputes.

Pakistan should define the groundwater usage rules so that it is easier for the farmers to use minimum water. The country has a long history of everybody having disputing opinions about the construction of Dams. Pakistan’s main problem is in the farming sector, so reducing that major problem could help the country to a vast extent. As many sayings state, that change starts from home so we should also learn to develop a habit of using the minimum amount of water.

The organization aims at implementing this on a larger scale. The central objective at the end of the day is to be able to justify your use of water.

Here are 5 ways that people can make use of to conserve water:

  1. Check for leaks. A lot of water is lost per day due to leaks in things like faucets and toilets. One of the most effective ways to save, water – 10 gallons a day per person on average – is to

repair leaky pipes and sinks.

  1. Upgrade to water-efficient fixtures. Instead of just fixing fixtures for leaks, installing water-efficient fixtures like low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets are one of the best ways to conserve water. In fact, in 1994, the US government mandated these low-flow efficient fixtures.

Front-loading washing machines are water-efficient as well, compared to their top-load counterparts.

  1. Do not leave the water on unnecessarily. Water is going to be needed for many daily tasks such as shaving and hand washing, but try to minimize the time the faucet stays on. When shaving or washing the dishes by hand, do not leave the faucet running. Every minute of water conserved saves many gallons daily. By shortening a shower by a few minutes each month, hundreds of gallons can be saved.
  1. Use water-consuming machines to their maximum capacities. Use the washing machine or dishwasher when loads are full. Operating these machines with smaller loads on full cycles wastes massive amounts of water.

By: Zain Saeed

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