H2O Wheel


THE H2O WHEEL WAY“Ease their heads and help them roll”
It is a simple and effective product that will help transport safe water. This saves time and alleviates the physical strains that the underprivileged experience as a result of water collection. The H2O wheel will be distributed across rural areas of Pakistan. As an organisation, we primarily aim to reach out and supply to thousands in need of the H2O wheel. We also plan to incorporate a mobile water filter with the wheel which will purify water.

Water Pot

  • Time and energy consuming – takes up to 4 hours per trip to collect safe water.
  • Only carries 13-15 liters
  • Difficult to carry when walking on tough terrain
  • Has physical strains on the body such as:
    1. Musculoskeletal disorders
    2. Cervical Spine degeneration
    3. Regular neck and back pain
    4. Health risks during pregnancy
    5. Spinal pain

H20 Wheel

  • Improves access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Carries up to 40 liters of water
  • Halves travel time
  • Easier to use – simply roll it!
  • Positive social and economic impact on communities
  • Ergonomically designed with users and terrain in mind
  • Hygienic storage for water – reduces illness and diseases
  • Alleviates moral and dignity for women
  • Improves education opportunities for children
  • Women can spend time earning a living

*Future models of Water Wheel will have an in-built water filter