See the story behind the smile!

As I sit down to pen this blog, I am accompanied by this feeling of guilt. Realizing that while I complain about the food being cold and find negativity in my daily routine, there are thousands of people out there just like me who are thriving for some food and our starving all night long. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and therefore they say right. Today, I will be talking about a particular picture which could leave a thousand souls confused.

As a Pakistani, you may feel some positive vibes after seeing this picture of a local woman smiling towards the camera as if she considered her life to be one of the best in the country. But let me just erase that misconception by telling you that she is an ordinary woman from one of the remote villages of Sindh. The most accurate reason behind her smile is that she is probably unaware of what a camera is but one thing that I can surely tell that behind this smile, is a sense of tension that whether there will be enough water on the table tonight or not. Deep inside, she is worried about the lack of water her children are getting to drink.

She and many others just like her are forced to walk many kilometres every day just to get sufficient water that is barely enough for the whole family. Yet, she is grateful and believes in this country’s future to flourish and her future generation to not suffer as she did. The motivation that the next day is going to be better than the last is what keeps her fighting for her rights every day. I pledge the authorities of nearby regions to look into issues like these which come haunting the population on a daily bases. Otherwise, the consequences can be harsh, starting off with dozens of pictures just like this every day. Here, I sign off with an open mind to all opinions.

By: Zain Saeed

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