Water Scarcity in Pakistan

Water Scarcity in Pakistan

Water is the basic element of life even an adult human body is 60% water. We need water to keep ourselves alive. We can not live without water. We are consuming clean water more than ever and that time is not very far ahead when we will have a shortage of water supply all over the earth.

Water scarcity is the shortage of fresh water to meet the demand in a region. Water scarcity in Pakistan and all over the world is increasing by the minute and in the result, more than 1.2 billion people do not have access to clean water. Every country on the earth experience water scarcity and many of them do not have resources to overcome that. If not dealt with properly, water scarcity will be the next big global problem.

Water Scarcity in Pakistan

Water scarcity in Pakistan is rising by the day and soon it will become a bigger issue than terrorism. It is a matter of life and death. Research has predicted that Pakistan will become the most water-stressed country in the whole region by the year 2040. Pakistan has the 4th highest water use ratio while it sits on the 6th number by highest population. Scientists have predicted that Pakistan will suffer from a major water crisis by the year 2025.  

Causes of Water Scarcity in Pakistan

There are a lot of causes of water scarcity in Pakistan and some of them are given below.

Climate Change and Reduced Rainfall

Climate change is real and has become one of the biggest global issues at the time. Climate change is affecting the rainfall system. Rainfall has reduced over the last decade. Less rainfall means less water.

Poor Water Managment

Water management or even any kind of management is poor in Pakistan. Pakistanis waste more water than they use. There is no proper system to ensure the minimum water. Authorities are corrupted and the system is crooked. If the authorities and people do not do something about this issue, it can become a matter of life and death for millions in the coming years.

Industrial Waste

Most of the industries in Pakistan do not take proper measures to ensure that they are not polluting the clean water. They are wasting a lot of water and polluting the rest by throwing in the industrial waste. It is a big cause of water scarcity in Pakistan.

Waste of Drinking Water

Most of the Pakistanis do not care about water wastage. In fact, they don’t know that water wastage is a problem. They waste water while doing things like,

  • Washing cars, clothes, kitchen utensils and keeping the tap open.
  • Pakistanis use water for cleaning their homes instead of vacuum cleaners.
  • Wasting water while taking a bath.

These are only the things that are on the individual level. People need to be made aware of these issues so that they can do their part in saving the mother earth.


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