Another approach to get demo content on your WordPress website is by importing XML files with sample content. You can import XML files in your WordPress dashboard under Tools => Import and then select WordPress to install the WordPress Importer plugin.

In case you don’t have a demo content XML file, you could for example use the theme unit test data which is often also being used by WordPress developers to test the output of their WordPress themes.

Important: Please keep in mind that uploading XML files to your WordPress website usually just results in some sample content, which is helpful in case your website doesn’t have content yet. XML files usually won’t take care of the full website configuration for you.

If you’re using WordPress themes by MH Themes, the front page layout of your website usually is based on widgets and these widgets can’t be placed by uploading a regular XML file. To configure your widgetized front page correctly, you can find all necessary information in the theme documentation of your particular WordPress theme.

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