Beach Pollution

About 71% of the surface of the earth is surrounded with water. Around 90% of the life on earth is due to water.   However, its importance is not realized by most of the people around. 60% of the oxygen we breathe is generated by oceanic flora. Hence, it is really important to keep these oceans hygienic. Almost around 60% of the CO2 (carbon dioxide) is absorbed by these oceans as well. Massive amount of resources such as precious metals, minerals, salts, oil, gas are drawn out of the seas for economic purposes. UNESCO supported the fact that oceans through fishing/seafood industry supports the livelihood of 820 m people. Pakistan’s polluted coast lines are demonstrating the devastating consequences of humanly activities. Clifton beach in karachi is one of the highly polluted beaches in Pakistan. A study carried out by WWF–Pakistan revealed that 50% of the plastic pollution in and around the coastal areas of Karachi is beach trash. A 2016 study conducted by the NIO in Karachi, showed presence of pathogenic bacteria at nine sites along the coast. The study based on the analysis of sediments, water, flora and fauna found the Korangi creek station most polluted with coliform and other pathogenic bacteria. It also specifically mentions beach spots, where coastal water was found to be contaminated with domestic and industrial effluent. And by 2020, the situation has gotten worse Karachi produces around 500 million gallons per day (MGD) of wastewater. Around one fifth of water comes from these industries, while the rest is the domestic or municipal sewerage. Almost the entire sewerage and industrial waste water goes into sea without treatment, which has brought a natural disaster, as we are losing our fish catch and also it is affecting marine life. We should put efforts on our individual levels to clean the environment of beaches. As in our religion, cleanliness is half of faith. We must support cleanliness initiatives. We must stop excess plastic throwing so the marine life can be saved. We must urge everyone around to realize the strategic, economic, importance of these waters and raise awareness regarding the health, economic implications of polluted oceans/ beaches in Pakistan.


Written By: Mahnoor Ashraf