Charity organization

New York, the city of lights – The name undoubtedly holds its weight, which is why it is to no surprise that when one thinks of New York, they immediately think of the hustling bustling city. It is a city filled with opportunities for people from all walks of life, but behind the glamour of what New York has to offer, it also carries its fair share of problems. These range from a variety of injustices from gender inequality, to food scarcity, to homelessness and many more. New York is the central hub for all things has also found a way to insert itself as the city known for the services it offers for both its residents and residents across the globe. This is through an extensive list of non-profit charity organizations in New York.

Charity: Water
This is a charity organization in New York which looks to provide safe and clean drinking water to communities in over 29 countries, funding over 57000 water projects. The belief is that access to clean water breaks barriers and opens the path for many more opportunities. By having clean access to water, one is able not only to ensure their own and others wellness and health, but they are also able to allocate more time towards learning and education. This has proven to be very empowering, especially for women, as gives the confidence and push to venture into other aspects of life such as starting businesses. Another charity with similar aspirations is Tayaba Organisation.

TayabaOrganisationis based in Lahore, Pakistan and has stepped up to tackle the water scarcity problem which affects more than half of the country’s population with their revolutionary innovation known as H2O wheels. H2O wheels are an innovation made to reduce the burden placed on individuals, more so upon women, to obtain water. They have successfully distributed over 6500 of this product to those in need and have seen the results of it firsthand. Not only are communities finding it easier to obtain water, but communities are also changing their outlook on the role a woman plays in the household and giving them the respect they deserve. Both Charity: Water being a charity organization in New York and TayabaOrganisation being one based in Pakistan are paving the path for future generations to lead the way.

Around since 50 years, this is a charity organization in New York which has been helping to amplify the voices of the women living on the northeast coast of America and get them the rights they deserve. Their main mode of delivery for their voices remains the classic act of activism on the busy streets, be it rain or shine. This charity organization in New York strongly believes in the opportunity for equal opportunity for women and men and that this can only be done by supporting women to get into seats of power, while also going out to demand justice. Their actions have led to a ripple effect and inspired many more to join their cause – especially after the election of Donald Trump as president. Their activism has led to major breakthroughs in laws and policies regarding the rights of the residents of New York and will continue to do so in the future.

As mentioned previously, New York, despite being a land of opportunities can have its fair share of problems. This has caused a divide in the state of New York, while some are luxuriously living their best life, others are lucky to receive a single meal for the day. This stark contrast in the way of life provides an insight into how one area can house two different environments. If one knows anything about the way America works is that where you live has a big impact on your future. From the school you go to the job one will have is all heavily influenced by the area an individual is brought up in. This leads to a never-ending cycle of poverty which follows one through generations.

To help combat this cycle, Children’s Aidis one of the charity organizations in New York that has made it their mission to provide equal opportunities and access needed for the children of this and coming generations to succeed. Another among the list of charity organizations in New York that look to help the same problem of the wealth disparity in New York is CityMeals-on-Wheels. This charity organization in New York has provided over 2 million meals to over 18000 people in the city of New York. They understand that food is a basic need for everyone and one that should be met which why they provide meals on the weekends, holidays and in emergency situations. In addition to providing food, this charity also looks to go above and beyond by being the source of compassion for those who have no one else to turn to.

Amnesty International USA, is another charity organization in New York which should be highly commended for its continued efforts in protecting people’s human rights. It focuses on demanding the release of innocently convicted individuals, demanding action against laws thattarget minorities, addressing gun violence, and climate justice among others. The need for their work is heightened in light of the recent pandemic as individuals are more vulnerable than ever.

Another charity organization in New York which is infamous simply by its name is the Michael J. Fox  Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease. After binge-watching all the back to the future movies, one searches up the cast as is customary and comes across the unfortunate diagnosis of Michael J. Fox. But upon further searching one also eventually comes across his foundation which has become a beacon of hope for not only Michael J. Fox but also many others suffering from Parkinson’s. The organization serves as a catalyst for funding research into ultimately the cure but also in generally improved therapies for the over 6 million across the globe living with Parkinson’s.

Overall, New York still remains true to its name by being the land of opportunities as is evident by the exhaustive list of charities it has which provides relief to those in need. While by no means perfect it is a start into having equity and equality for all the residents in not only New York but across the globe.