H2o wheel

Help 2 Others

Our H2O Wheel

H2O stands for “Help 2 Others” which is a specially designed water-carrying device tailored as a simple and effective product that helps transport safe water intended to remove the burden off the shoulders for whom obtaining water is a struggle.

Water Pot

  • Time and energy consuming – takes up to 4 hours per trip to collect safe water.
  • Only carries 13-15 liters
  • Difficult to carry when walking on tough terrain
  • Has physical strains on the body such as: 1. Musculoskeletal disorders 2. Cervical Spine degeneration 3. Regular neck and back pain 4. Health risks during pregnancy 5. Spinal pain

H2O Wheel

  • Improves access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Carries up to 40 liters of water
  • Halves travel time
  • Easier to use – simply roll it!
  • Positive social and economic impact on communities
  • Ergonomically designed with users and terrain in mind
  • Hygienic storage for water – reduces illness and diseases
  • Alleviates moral and dignity for women
  • Improves education opportunities for children
  • Women can spend time earning a living

    *Future models of Water Wheel will have an in-built water filter