Importance of connecting with nature

In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks- John Muir. Connecting with nature is a big source of environmental education, which further imparts knowledge and creates room for more experiences and change in attitudes and beliefs. This in turn leads to a change in behavior. According to theory and research, one of the biggest motivators of human behavior is the feeling of connection towards something or someone as it creates behavior that is self-sacrificing and protective.
Most individuals have imaginative feelings through the beauty of nature as it takes them back to their wonderful outdoor experiences of their childhood such as hiking and camping. Being connected to nature, inspires the sense of awe and helps one find greater meaning in life. According to evolutionary psychologists, individuals find peace and solace whilst connecting with nature as such environments were a source of survival for our fore-fathers. One of the major benefits of connecting with nature is that it reduces stress. The urban life these days revolves around anxiety; depression, insecurity and other types of distress such unhappiness and a feeling of incompleteness. The New York Times revealed that even a slightest walk in the park can improve mental health. According to a poll by The Nature Controversy, majority of the youth that spent time connecting with nature were less likely to be stressed during parenthood. Also, it is important to have a window in our office rooms and bedrooms as their slightest peak leads to a reduction in stress. Secondly, nature boosts one’s immune system. How nature can protect one from diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes and depression is still not clear, but studies show a positive correlation between the time spent with nature and the chance of getting an illness. This further leads to another benefit which is that nature aids individuals in recovering from illness. No wonder, hospitals including those of mental health have huge beautiful gardens so their patients can take a good stroll. Finally, nature increases the individuals’ energy levels which make it a good alternative than consuming caffeine early in the morning. According to a study by the University of Rochester, exposure to nature leads to higher energy levels and more feelings of activeness.
There are multiple benefits of connecting with nature, which is why it is highly important for us to take some time out for a little stroll in the garden or have some fresh air. This will make our lives healthy and stress-free.

Written By: Maria Mushtaq