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Posted 9 months ago


  1. Develop and strengthen monitoring, inspection and evaluation procedures.
  2. Monitor all project activities, expenditures and progress towards achieving the project outputs and outcome.
  3. Develop monitoring and impact indicators for the project success.
  4. Prepare monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual progress reports on all project activities. 
  5. Assist the project personnel with M&E tools and in supporting them in their use.
  6. Capable to conduct literature review, interviews, focus group discussions and analysis thereof.
  7. Perform other duties as required 


Input Required: 15-20 hours / week

Duration: At least two months


  • Very strong research, writing, proof reading, editing, and analytical skills required.
  • Working knowledge of Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis software (e.g. STATA, R, and NVIVO etc.), MIS, M&E and development issues.
  • Experience in writing technical papers, project briefs, and “best practices” to contribute in knowledge management.

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