Living in quarantine: A threat against the COVID-19 or a message for humanity?

The world has evolved over centuries. This evolvement has led to various developments which have resulted in modernization. On the contrary, it has been through one of the darkest events in history. We have studied these events in different forms, but what felt as stories now seem like reality. November 2019, the world witnessed its first case of COVID-19, commonly known as the “Coronavirus” which is a group of viruses that attack the human respiratory system. What has shocked the world the most is its aggressive nature to spread easily from one person to another. Surprisingly, an individual who may be a carrier of the virus may not be aware and can transmit it to a healthy individual. 

Unfortunately, Pakistan fell victim to this virus towards the end of February 2020. When the first case came out, no one would have been able to predict how much it would consume humanity physically and emotionally. No one expected the forceful lockdown of public places along with schools and universities and now also workplaces putting our lives to a halt. Holidays do not feel like holidays, with daily wagers being the worst victims as they have been struggling to make ends meet with no one to sell goods to or work for throughout the day. Moreover, board exams have been cancelled and some postponed further leaving the students who had been preparing for them since months in shock. Summer vacations have been re-scheduled, or they say this quarantine period is “the vacation”. All weddings, events and flights from and in to Pakistan are being cancelled.
Amidst this entire hustle, what most of us have somewhat realized is the significance of humanity and its relations with the society. For the first time in history, the feelings of unity are being felt globally as it is a “global pandemic”. 


The virus feels like a threat, but looking at the brighter side, it has brought us all close to one another. All around the world, people are facing a lockdown along with the same combination of emotions. Sitting at home all day, we have realized the pain of prisoners. Those sitting away from their homes are starting to realize the pain of innocents being forced out of their homes. The roads are all clear, including the populous streets. But one thing is for sure, the earth is and will get greener day by day, the river banks will soon be full and humanity will soon embrace!

Written By: Maria A Mushtaq