Tayaba Organisation

Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Lives of Water Wives

Tune in to H2O Stories Episode 1: The Lives of Water Wives 🎙💧

Discussing about 👇
💧The tale of the Water Wives
💧 Pakistan’s water crisis and how it affects the health, wellbeing, and lives of women
💧How Tayaba helps water insecure communities with our partner

Episode 2: Water Wealth for Health?

Tune in as Misha Khan, Dr. Nabeela Shahid, and Hafsa Zubair talk about how water & health are inadvertently linked and why both the non-profit & corporate sectors need to join hands in tackling it! They discuss:
👉 physical and emotional wellbeing
👉 waterborne health issues
👉 education & health
And much more!

Episode 3: Innovation for Inspiration

In Episode 3: Innovation for Inspiration, Misha Khan and Azeem Niazi talk about all the revolutionary tech shaping their work today. We discuss:

💧Drones & AI in agriculture
💧NFTs for fundraising
💧And all the other exciting innovations we have in the pipeline!

Episode 4: The Worth of Only One Earth

Join us in Episode 4: The Worth of Only One Earth, where Misha Khan, Hafsa Zubair, and Afia Salam talk about @minaguli and the World River Run along with:

🔆Climate change and journalism
🔆Individual and collective responsibility

This episode promises to keep you glued to your seats as we truly evaluate the worth of only ONE Earth 🌍