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Floods Facilitation For The Worst
Humanitarian and Climate Crisis

Seeking your help for over 33 Million People

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Give A Little. Change A Lot.

H2O (Help-2-Others) For Clean Water
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Our Work

21 million people DO NOT have access to clean water close to home.

We believe that we can change that through the H2O Wheel initiative. The H2O Wheel initiative is all about designing and delivering simple affordable innovations that ease the accessibility, storage, and transportation of clean water while unlocking economic opportunities for the impoverished and water-deprived communities.

Households Impacted
H2O Wheels Distributed
Solar Submersible Pumps Installed
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The Story Of
Tayaba Organisation

Tayaba Organisation was founded in 2016 by brothers Bilal Bin Saqib and Momin Saqib, based on the teachings of their mother named Tayaba. The organisation is focused on the grave situation of water scarcity and the associated problem of non-existent or poor infrastructure for water…

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Corporations, foundations, and individuals provide essential funding for H2O-ing lives with easy access to water.


Community Organisations and other partners for support in target areas with community awareness, service delivery, research and knowledge sharing.


Local and International authoritative bodies, government bodies, policymakers, thought leaders, and global partners, for credible verification and recognition of our work.

Why H2O Wheel ?

H2O Wheel stands for “Help 2 Others” Wheel, which is a specially designed water-carrying device tailored as a simple and effective product that helps transport clean water safely. This intervention intends to remove the burden off the shoulders…

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