• We are a non-profit organisation that aims to deliver clean water to people in Pakistan that are deprived of it
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WHO WE ARE – “We are stronger with you”

Tayaba.org is a social enterprise registered in the UK and also registered under licence no: A048061 by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan that aims to improve the lives of millions of unprivileged Pakistanis by providing effective solutions to overcome the water crisis.


We are a team of Pakistani alumni & students from Oxford University, Kings College London, City University London, University College London & Imperial College who have come together to bring change in the lives of those whose basic needs remain unattended.
The ongoing challenge of water scarcity and access to clean water has had a severe impact on the lives of millions of households in Pakistan. We aim to make a difference in the lives of people that are deprived of the basic necessity of life, clean water, through the provision of an H2O Wheel per household.

WHAT WE STAND FOR – “Stand up and fight for clean water”

Water is a source of life. It is a fundamental need that no one should be deprived of, regardless of wealth, living conditions or location. The burden of carrying water in rural Pakistan relies heavily on women and children who travel 3-­5km for up to four hours, each day. We stand for these women and children. We sympathise with their pain and hence we want to help them utilise their valuable time by eliminating the additional time spent carrying water from one location to another.


A social enterprise that aims to provide ease in accessing clean water in rural Pakistan through its concept of the H2O wheel.
Tayaba is functioning as a not-for-profit organization (limited liability company with guarantee) registered in England on No. 10228569 and also registered under licence no: A048061 by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
This initiative is designed for the betterment of people in Pakistan, and the sole aim is to help those in need. Our vision is to utilise the skill set and contribute in the ease of accessing, storing and transporting clean water across Pakistan.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS – “Forever striving to do better”

We aim to provide an immediate solution that makes access to safe water easier. We plan to execute this via our H2O wheel, with an attached mobile water filter. We aim to add a mobile filter to the H2O Wheel which shall filter up to 1000 liters of dirty water and convert it into clean water.