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Our H2O wheel is the result of a vision of combining compassion with innovation. The mission of Tayaba is to address water-scarcity and improve accessibility, transportation and hygienic storage of water. The social and health benefits our H2O wheels offer every user also include the reversal of traditional gender roles in rural communities, women empowerment and the most valuable asset – time.

As a non-profit organization, we are able to successfully help vulnerable water-deprived communities across Pakistan, entirely through the kindness and generosity of our donors. Till date, we have aided over 30,000 people. Water is a basic need, and our H2O wheel not just contributes to lifting off the heavy burdens associated with water collection, but improves many aspects of livelihoods.

Tharparkar may have been a focus area, but we have donated H2O wheels to areas in Balochistan, Punjab, other areas in Sindh and have expanded operations into Gilgit Baltistan as well.

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  • Apart from donating, you could even join our dedicated team of volunteers. 

Whether you reside in Pakistan or abroad, areas you could contribute to include: Fundraising, Content Writing, Social Media, Graphic Designing, PR Management, etc.

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Tayaba is envisaged as a catalyst for innovative and potentially scalable solutions to address water scarcity and infrastructure challenges, particularly improving the lives of the underserved and marginalised. By learning from its pilot projects, Tayaba seeks to transition to scale. Knowledge about what does and does not work will be harnessed and disseminated by the organisation.

For this, it is critical that Tayaba invests in rigorous impact evaluations to understand and measure the true impact of the H2O wheel and how it can successfully adapt and scale it in different settings along with partnering with global, national level public and private, profit and not-for-profit organisations for innovative integration opportunities. Therefore, Tayaba welcomes organisations as well as individuals to reach out with ideas for a potential collaboration. Be our companion in this journey of sustainable change!

Every H2O Wheel Counts

When you donate to Tayaba, every dollar of your donation goes towards the donation of H2O Wheel. But your donation goes far beyond an H2O Wheel – by donating, you are taking an active part in transforming villages.