Tayaba Organisation

Project Reprorts

Situation Analysis Report

This Situational Analysis Report is a combined summary of the needs assessments in/of the target area. It details the existing resources, problems, and improvement opportunities for the water infrastructure and accessibility mechanism in the target area.

Process Monitoring Reports

These Process Monitoring Reports are prepared for the purpose of overseeing the distribution of H2O wheels, conducting hygiene awareness sessions and verifying beneficiaries who were given H2O wheels.

Feedback Reports

These Feedback Reports aimed to determine the relevance and level of achievement of the H2O Wheels project and check its impact against Sustainability Development Goals and Key Performance Indicators in the short term. Feedback contributes to learning and informs decisions about replicating or scaling up an intervention.

Third Party Impact Report

An impact assessment was conducted by IPSOS Pakistan to evaluate the success of this project. The findings reported highly positive outcomes resulting from this project that contributed to the physical, psychological, and financial well-being of the beneficiaries.