Tayaba Organisation

Help-2-Others for The Water Deprived
By Phases

Phase 1

MoU Signing

Bayer Pakistan joined hands with Tayaba Organisation to provide 2,000 H2O Wheels (Help-2-Others) to water-scarce communities in Sindh and Punjab


This webinar featured experts and policymakers working in the water sector including journalist Afia Salam, Parlimentarian Dr. Nausheen, and the founder of Tayaba Organization; Bilal bin Saqib, among others. This webinar discussed the multi-dimensional roles played by the Tayaba organization and Bayer to ensure water sustainability and accessibility all across Pakistan and the policies and mechanisms that need to be employed to conserve the limited water resources of the country.

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Situational Analysis Report

This Situational Analysis Report is a combined summary of the needs assessments in/of the target area. It details the existing resources, problems, and improvement opportunities for the water infrastructure and accessibility mechanism in the target area.

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Phase 2

Final Design of The Wheel

Rolling Bill Boards

PR Campaign: Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1: Lives of Water Wives

Tayaba Organisation x Bayer official will talk about 👇
💧The tale of the Water Wives
💧 Pakistan’s water crisis and how it affects the health, wellbeing, and lives of women
💧How Tayaba helps water insecure communities with our partner

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PR Campaign: Social Media Posts

Phase 3

Community Awareness and Sensitization Session

The distribution efforts under this project were accompanied by awareness and advocacy campaigns to maximise the positive impacts of this initiative and to enlighten the target population about the mechanism and functioning of the H2O wheels. Moreover, these sessions disseminated knowledge regarding hygiene, sanitation, and effective water utilization among the beneficiaries.

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Service Delivery: Provision of H2O Wheels
  • 1st October 2021: Production of 2000 H2O Wheels (as per the modified design) commenced.
  • 12Th November 2021: 1000 H2O Wheels + Handles and 1000 Rolling Billboards delivered to Tharparkar and Umerkot, Sindh, respectively.
  • December 2021: 1000 H2O Wheels + Handles and 1000 Rolling Billboards delivered to Tehsil Hasilpur, Punjab.

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PR Campaign: Podcast Episode 2 & 3

Episode 2: Water Wealth for Health?

Tune in as Misha Khan, Dr. Nabeela Shahid, and Hafsa Zubair talk about how water & health are inadvertently linked and why both the non-profit & corporate sectors need to join hands in tackling it! They discuss:
👉 physical and emotional wellbeing
👉 waterborne health issues
👉 education & health
And much more!

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Episode 3: Innovation for Inspiration

In Episode 3: Innovation for Inspiration, Misha Khan and Azeem Niazi talk about all the revolutionary tech shaping their work today. We discuss:

💧Drones & AI in agriculture
💧NFTs for fundraising
💧And all the other exciting innovations we have in the pipeline!

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PR Campaign: Social Media Posts
Process Monitoring Reports

These Process Monitoring Reports are prepared for the purpose of overseeing the distribution of H2O wheels, conducting hygiene awareness sessions, and verifying beneficiaries who were given H2O Wheels.

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Phase 4

PR Campaign: Podcast Episode 4

Episode 4: The Worth of Only One Earth

Join us in Episode 4: The Worth of Only One Earth, where Misha Khan, Hafsa Zubair, and Afia Salam talk about @minaguli and the World River Run along with:

🔆Climate change and journalism
🔆Individual and collective responsibility

This episode promises to keep you glued to your seats as we truly evaluate the worth of only ONE Earth 🌍

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Feedback Reports

These Feedback Reports aimed to determine the relevance and level of achievement of the H2O Wheels project and check its impact against Sustainability Development Goals and Key Performance Indicators in the short term. Feedback contributes to learning and informs decisions about replicating or scaling up an intervention.

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Phase 5

Documentary - Project Journey

Bayer and Tayaba H2O Journey

This documentary depicts the need and impact of this project. It highlights the struggles of the communities residing in desert areas who have to travel long distances each day in the scorching heat just to obtain sufficient water.

Fortunately, the joint efforts of Tayaba Organisation and Bayer have made their lives happier and more productive through the H2O wheels. The women are exploring entrepreneurial avenues, and the children have the opportunity to access educational opportunities.

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Impact Assesment Report by IPSOS Pakistan

An impact assessment was conducted by IPSOS Pakistan to evaluate the success of this project. The findings reported highly positive outcomes resulting from this project that contributed to the physical, psychological, and financial well-being of the beneficiaries.

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